Quinte-tertian grid
Vectorial fractal
Spherical space
Generator of trees
Graphic editor

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Quinte-tertian grid

The program for study of musical harmony.
Is inspired with the tutorial of professor of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory
Yuri Kholopov "Harmony: Theoretical Course"
and improved on the basis of papers of Dr Simon Holland (United Kingdom).
Degree operation.
Report: (Rus) Quinte-tertian grid as a basis of the educational software.

QTGrid.sfx.exe (257KB)

Harmony Space

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Simon Holland's Research Home Page

Vectorial fractal

The program for interactive manipulation by 2D vectorial fractal.
Version 3.1 (29.11.2003, added export to ai).

Vectal31.sfx.exe (149KB)

Vectorial fractal

Spherical space

2D spherical (positive curvature) space -
stereographic projection of the sphere (x2+y2+z2=1) onto the plane.
Interactive screensaver (Borland C++ Builder).

KriviznaPlus.sfx.exe (204KB)

3D spherical (positive curvature) space -
stereographic projection of the hypersphere (x2+y2+z2+w2=1) onto the space.
Interactive screensaver (Microsoft Visual C++).

KriDva.sfx.exe (280KB)

Direct4D version of positive curvature space.
Interactive screensaver (Microsoft Visual C++, DirectX9).

Cpace.sfx.exe (132KB)

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Generator of trees

The first experience, 2D (Visual Basic). Tre.exe (24KB)

Avenue of canes

Three-dimensional variant (MaxScript). Trees.ms (13KB)



Reverse perspective.
Interactive screensaver
(Borland C++ Builder).

Universal.sfx.exe (203KB)

Reverse perspective
Life - the game of John Conway.
Interactive Screensaver
(Borland C++ Builder).

Live.sfx.exe (207KB)

Morphing of kaleidoscopical snow-flakes.
Screensaver (Visual Basic).

Snegine.exe (32KB)

White noise -
hallucinogenic irritater.
Screensaver (Visual C++, DirectX8).

WhiteNoise.sfx.exe (119KB)

White noise
Puantilistic noise.
Interactive screensaver
(Borland C++ Builder).

PuaNoise.sfx.exe (55KB)

Puantilistic noise

Graphic editor

Simmetrical drawing (Visual Basic). MBPaint.exe (48KB)



The programs less 50KB can require dynamic link libraries.

Microsoft Visual Basic (VBRun60sp4.exe 0.99MB)
Borland C++ Builder (CBuilder_DLL.exe 855KB)


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