Stimulating the surface of the body with abrasive materials, for example, rough silk, chamois leather, fine sandpaper, brushes, wire wool. An often overlooked but surprisingly effective set of techniques, especially on a blindfolded bottom.
adult babies
May refer to those who gain fetishistic satisfaction from dressing up in infants' clothing and using associated objects like dummies and cribs; may also indicate those who enjoy elaborate role-playing scenes in which they act out the part of a baby as fully as possible.
age play
Play that involves taking on the role of someone of a different age. Most commonly, adults take on the role of children, perhaps in a submissive capacity .Younger people may also take on the role of older people.
Gender Role Play, what is it?
cross dressing
Dressing in clothing usually worn by the opposite sex. In a sexual context, can be carried out as a sexual thrill in itself, in which case it is known as transvestism. However, is also sometimes employed in power and humiliation games, and seems most common on the heterosexual BDSM scene where male bottom s are instructed to wear female clothing and even wigs and makeup by female tops. For example: being that special little sissy for Mistress in touch with the little girl that lives inside of you. In the past Scottish boys were sometimes punished by the humiliation of having to wear a kilt without a sporran, a practise known as petticoat discipline. Cross-dressing and transvestism should not be confused with transexuality, where a person wants to change their body to that of the opposite sex.
Love of pain , 'pain given in love'.
Fetish for high heels .
animal training
AT. Games in which one or more partners, usually the bottom(s), takes on the role of an animal. The commonest is probably a dog, though horses are also popular. The 'animal' may imitate animal behaviour, wear items such as collars, leads, bridles and so on, or carry out tasks associated with the animal, such as pulling a vehicle. Scenes vary enormously, both in elaborateness and in authenticity. There is no necessary connection with any sexual attraction to real animals.
ball torture
BT. Causing sensation, discomfort and pain to the male testicles, often including the scrotum as well.
Striking typically administered as punishment, particularly in connection with childhood punishments such as spanking , caning or belting but also used of more 'adult' scenes like whipping.
Striking with a belt , normally on the buttocks or thighs but sometimes on the shoulders. In everyday language, sometimes used more generally: 'belting someone in the mouth' is more likely to involve the backs of the hands than a belt.
Temporarily blocking the sense of sight is a common technique in SM scenes. It can make the bottom feel more vulnerable, help them concentrate or 'get into the headspace', and is essential to the sorts of abrasion and surface play games where everyday objects are used to give unexpected sensations. Use purpose-made blindfolds such as the cheap ones made for travellers and often distributed free by airlines, or the more expensive ones in leather or rubber from perve shops; hoods with no eyeholes or blockable; improvised blindfolds from scarves, hankies, long socks, bandages.
body modification
Making permanent but usually superficial alterations to the appearance of the body, sometimes by painful processes: branding, piercing , scarification, tattooing.
Making a permanent or semi-permanent scar on the skin by burning it with a heated metal object, as practised on livestock and in earlier times on slaves and criminals. Can be carried out safely with the correct technique and aftercare but still likely to be intensely painful, and seen by some as the ultimate either in body art or as the culmination of a heavily submissive relationship or scene.
Any activity that involves piercing the body with a thin, sharp object such as a needle. There are two basic types: permanent piercing, sometimes called ringing, and play or temporary piercing. Permanent piercing is carried out with a relatively thick needle in order to insert jewellery which is then worn on at least a semi-permanent basis. Play piercing is carried out for the experience of the piercing itself, the sensation of which can vary between barely noticeable and excruciating depending on where and how it is done. Thinner needles are used and are removed before the end of the session.
A common practise for domination and humiliation purposes, or sometimes just as a means of indulging a fetish for boots .
breath control
Asphyxiaphilia, auto-erotic asphyxiation (if solo play), breath games, breathplay, hypoxyphilia. Games involving control or restriction of air and/or the supply of oxygen to the brain. Strangling is usually the compression of the carotid arteries to prevent oxygenated blood reaching the brain; suffocation involves reducing the level of oxygen in the air available to breathe. Hanging, where the body is suspended by the neck, though a relatively common fantasy, is very difficult to stage in a non-harmful way for SM scenes. All these games are very dangerous to play alone, and may also be dangerous if with a partner.
In SM circles most likely to mean banning or physically preventing someone from achieving orgasm or even any form of genital stimulation in the long term, usually as a means of asserting domination . Also known as enforced chastity (EC). A device intended for this purpose is known as a chastity belt or a chastity device, and wearing such a device is a form of bondage .
collar and lead
Some like purpose-made ones in rubber, leather or steel; some like ones made for large dogs but in all cases make sure they are an adequate size so they don't need to be pulled too tight. For symbolic purposes, humiliation, dog play and bondage . Note that wearing a collar may be an indication of a bottom-- and being led round on a lead almost certainly is -- but to some people a collar just symbolises kinky sex with no indication of role.
Sexual arousal from seeing tears in the eyes of one's partner.
Fist fucking, FF, handballing (mainly US). Placing or attempting to place the whole hand (or even both hands) into the rectum or vagina. The hanky code for fisting is red, and the activity is sometimes described simply as 'red'. In fact the hand is only formed into a fist, if at all, once it is fully inserted, a process that requires a great deal of gentleness, care and patience. Moving the fist repeatedly in and out of the orifice is known as punch fucking; it is a dangerous advanced technique and relatively rare.
Sometimes abbreviated to fladge or, though these are both rather dated. In the modern era used as a general term to describe SM-related whipping , beating and spanking for erotic stimulation.
Item of bondage furniture consisting of a horizontal platform or table with fixing points allowing someone to be stretched out on their back or front with easy access all round: rarely do modern racks provide the facility for progressive stretching familiar from the popular image of the mediaeval torture chamber. restraint Restraint, a term for various objects designed for bondage purposes, usually consisting of straps or buckles for placing round limbs prior to fastening them together, as in ankle, elbow, leg and wrist restraints.
The fetish for boots and shoes .
riding crop
Short whip with a loop of leather on the end intended for use on horses but very useful and adaptable on humans too.
The cheapest, most widely available and most versatile bondage equipment, for which purpose medium thickness nylon rope is to be preferred by beginners.
Safe, Sane and Consensual
A widely-known slogan in the BDSM community that aims to specify the limits of ethically acceptable play. It is not without its flaws: we might ask whether play can (or should) be made totally safe, and also whose standards of sanity are being used. It could be argued that 'consensual ' actually encompasses the others, so long as both parties are informed about the risks of what they are doing and every effort is made to avoid unintended consequences.
safe signal
See safeword .
Stopword. A word or words agreed before a scene begins that a bottom can use to ask the top to ease up or to stop the scene entirely: the non-verbal equivalent, which may be necessary in the event that the bottom is gagged, is a safe signal or stop signal. It is both a safety device and a way of managing consent , insisted on by some players and avoided by others as artificial. When the bottom uses the word, he or she is said to safe out.
Hitting someone with the flat of the palm, typically on the buttocks, as a form of corporal punishment . A similar physical effect can be achieved by using a paddle and sometimes this is included under spanking.
Length of leather or other material used for fastening and for striking the body.

What does BDSM mean?
Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism.
What is Bondage?
Bondage is the restraint of a submissive through a variety of techniques. Bondage can be sensual and erotic or sadistic. A slave is not able to shift by giving control of his movement to Master(Mistress). Master may use rope, chains, leather restraints, straightjacket and so on.
Discipline is used, when a Dominant has decided to punish a submissive. Kinds of punishment: physical, mental(or something different to Domme`s taste).For example the slave get next penalties: breast torture, caging,candlewax, chastity devices, depilation, electrotorture, fisting, hair pulling, knife play.
Who is a Sadist?
A Sadist is someone who takes pleasure in inflicting pain, either physical or emotional or another.
Who is a Masochist?
A masochist is a someone who gets pleasure physical or emotional.
What is Domestic Servitude?
A slave must do home work:wash the dishes, cooking, clean a flat, wash the clothes and so on.
What does D/s stand for?
Domination and submission.
What is Public Play?
Imagine being lead in on a collar and leash into a public place by Mistress to show the ultimate in respect through your humiliation. Everyone sees your devotion, your submission...
What are Role Playing and Fantasy Scenes?
Would you like to be Mistress` puppy or little maid and to serve Her? Or one of your dream is being kidnapped and used as a plaything?
What is Sensory Deprivation?
you are blindfolded...and your other senses come alive. The sounds of Mistress' cold steel chains, the soft caress of a feather, the sharp sting of a leather whip...what comes next? Only Mistress knows.