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*** DCDM++ 0.021 21:15 04/04/2004 ***

Added most of the fake share detection from DC++k CDM.
Client profiles and fake shares now get there own .xml file (your old profiles should load but back them up just in case).
Added customizeable cheating descriptions to client profiles.
Added more params to client and fake share raw commands: %[statedshare], %[statedshareformat], %[realshare], %[realshareformat], %[filesshared], %[cheatingdescription]/%[cd] & %[clientinfo].
Bandwidth limiting is now ratio based. The ratio is shown in the tag e.g. R:2 means a 2:1 down/up ratio.
Added "Debug commands" and "Debug detection" to Settings > DCDM++.

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    *** DCDM++ 0.017 23:35 21/03/2004 ***

Fixed a bug with UserIP column showing search result IPs.
Fixed a bug with importing 0.306 queues. Thanks FarCry.
Added Status and User connection commands to client profiles, not tested but should work ;-).
Hopefully fixed bugs with updating userlist after client checking.
Added raw commands tor fav hub properties. You can use these in client profiles. Available params: %[mynick], %[nick], %[ip], %[userip], %[tag], %[clienttype].
Added an option in fav hub properties to send $UserIP for all users. Requires hub support... Should work fine with YHub, I've included a lua hub script to enable it on PtokaX (thanks plop and toen for help with this).
Added detection of BCDC++ 0.307 nick spoofing. You should get a warning in main chat when someone tries to connect to you. Requires $UserIP support (experimental).
And probably some other stuff (bugs and features) that I've forgotten to mention :p

    *** DCDM++ 0.013 00:16 14/03/2004 ***

Based on BCDC++ 0.307.
Added %[version2]. You can use this in description. eg. <o%[version2]> for oDC.
Added a checkbox next to description to specify if you want %[version2] to be used in the client column.
Added "Check version mis-match" to client profiles (compares tag/pk versions).
Added version checking to profiles eg. ^(0.304|0.305|0.306|0.3065|0.307)$
Added /addclient name;version;tag;description;lock;pk;supports;testsur. Adds a client profile.
Added a "Add line" text box to client profiles to allow people to easily copy/paste client profiles to each other (use /addclient)
Added a column in userlist for $UserIP (requires hub support)
Background scanning dosn't use TestSUR anymore. Should be more stable but will not check do client checking (you need to do that manually)
Hopefully fixed a few stabilty bugs ( but don't count on it :p )

    *** DCDM++ 0.009 00:43 09/03/2004 ***

Fixed bugs with settings.

    *** DCDM++ 0.008 22:39 08/03/2004 ***

Now using PCRE/PME regular expressions. Big thanks to AtomicJo for the help with this.
Client profiles now remember there order between sessions.
Added TestSUR you can now use this in client profiles along with supports (supports are bit buggy).
Added %[version] in tags. e.g. ^<([+]){2} V:%[version],M:([AP5]){1},H:([0-9]){1,3}/([0-9]){1,3}/([0-9]){1,3}(,S:([0-9]){1,3}|,S:([0-9]){1,3},O:([0-9]){1,3})>$
This version number will be displayed in user list.
Beware background scanning is very unstable. May work ok in very small hubs.

    *** DCDM++ 0.003 ***

Added all the columns to user list from DC++k CDM.
Added Get user responses and Report (only available to OPs)
Partial implementation of client profiles in place. You can use Name, Tag, Extended tag, Lock and Pk.
Removed tag faking and client emulation options.