LFS via Hamachi  
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How to play Live For Speed ver Z  with Hamachi 

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1. Get the game

Download and install Live For Speed ver Z.
(Register an account @ www.lfs.net if you want to play demo  via Internet)

2. Download Crack & IP Patch

Download the files to the LFS folder (the folder where you installed the game).
Unrar the files.

3. Crack the game

Start 'LFS_Z_Opener.exe'
Enter your desired username and password. Generate!
(You can use your accounts username and password if you also want to play demo  via Internet) 

4. Use IP Patch to play with Hamachi

Just start 'ip-patch.exe' and click 'Patch' .
(The patch also works for version Y)

5. Get Hamachi

Download and Install. Make yourself an original username.
Join to a Hamachi network.

Our Free to use networks Possible Hosts/Servers
(Networks name and password are identical)

Add your own network   |   View other networks

6. How to get the game started

For Game Hosts
Start LFS.
Multiplayer  -->  Start new host  -->  Select the track  --> Select 'S2' and 'local'   ---> Allow all the cars & determine the other settings --> Go !

For Players
Start LFS.    
Multiplayer  -->  Join specific host  -->  local network  -->  IP = Host's Hamachi IP address  --> Go !!  

We remind you that this tutorial is meant for your personal use only. To drive Online with racers over the world you still have to buy the S1 or S2 license, available at www.lfs.net

Good Luck !

How to play Live for Speed ver Z  via Hamachi

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