Sulli`s mother Mimibel with her litter.


The first day in new home... Sulli is only 1,5 months old!


Some days later Sulli is feeling herself quite good
in new home!


Meeting with Sulli


Liina and Sulli, who just ate joghurt - as you can see :)


The first show-training...


In our garden


Sulli in August 2000


After show "Winner 2001" in Pirita waiting at
the bus stop.


Sulli resting at home.


In winter Sulli enjoys to watch the fire.


In August 2001 we brought home new cat Johnny Depp.


Sulli and Johnny - new best friends.


In February 2002.


Sulli is retrieving dummy


Hedda and Sulli walking

Sulli in spring 2002


Again our best friends


Sulli holding "rabbit"