Lühike Jalg 6, Talinn
Vene tn. 16, Tallinn

E - R 10.00 - 18.00
L - P 10.00 - 17.00
tel/fax 631 47 20
gsm 056 987 907

At the parting of Lühike Jalg there is a gallery-shop named Lühikese Jala Galerii. It started to put up exhibitions and sell Estonian professional applied art in 1993.
In 2002 a filial gallery "Portaal" opened its doors in a historic storehouse of Vene Street. The authors of the unique pieces of art exposed in these two galleries are young Estonian artists as well as honorable representatives of the older generation of Estonian arists.
The galleries´ sale exposition and occasional exhibitions give a good survey of the current situation of Estonian applied art. The exposition is in constant change and renewal including a wide range of contemporary textile art, silk paintings and tapestry, ceramics and sculpture, glass, jewellery, leather-work and postcards. The sale exposition offers a choice of individual accessories as well as exclusive pieces of art for interior design. Both traditional and modern forms and techniques are represented. The staff of the galleries are experienced artists, who can be asked for explanations about techniques, materials and authors.

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