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  We wish to present to You  the tiniest,the best of all dogs in the world-it's Chihuahua.

This is very small ,cheerful  and smart dog.But at the time very courageous,vigilant ,hardy and mistrustful to strangers.In a chihuahua were mind and recklessness,trustfulness and slyness,kindness and rage.This is a small dog have got character,which
we should respect.This is the best friend.Chihuahua feels Your mood.Chihuahua is easily trained.Chihuahua isn't scared,despite of the smallest size.Chihuahua is very sociable.Chihuahua makes friend very easily.Chihuahua likes cats,rabbits,dogs and birds.Chihuahua,it is very good "travel dog " .Chihuahua loves travel and can go on foot many kilometres.
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