Zg cd extractor (download)

Zg cd extractor is a free tool to extract cd tracks.
It supports wav, mp3, ogg, flac and monkey audio (ape) and it is free !


Description: This software is able to extract unprotected audio from cd tracks. It is possible to extract the audio to:
- 3 lossless compression formats: wav, flac and monkey audio.
- 2 lossy popular formats: Ogg and mp3.

Handle drag and drop

You'll find below a screenshot of the software:




 How to use:

- Select your output directory (the default setting is the program directory)

(Use Ctrl+V to paste in this box, or Ctrl+C to copy the directory location)

- Select your format (and the options related to the format).

- Add your files:

1- Using drag and drop (faster).
2- Using the "add" option available from the right click menu.
3- Using the "add" option available if you click on the small folder icon: folder

- Check or uncheck the box in front of each files.
- If you want to rename the filenames of the output files click on "rename" in the right click menu:


- You can sort the track list by Name or by File location if you click on the list title.

Click on "start" to start the conversion.

During covnersion you can click on "stop" to stop the conversion of one file, and on "stop all" to stop all conversions.

The options:

In order to acces to the format specific menu you have to select the format first:

 wav menu

Once you have choosen the format, using the scrollbox (for example wav, as shown in the previous picture) click on the button labeled "Options".

Since the options of each formats are linked with the original file format, i won't explain everything of these formats, but i'll only explain what is specific of the software.

1- Wav options

 wav submenu


 You'll find here common wav options. This menu is pretty intuitive to use. However notice:

- If you choose "8" as bit sample, you'll only be able to make Pcm wav (default)

If you choose an other wav format, you'll get a void wav file.

- If you choice 88200 as sampling frequency you'll probably get some noisy sound on you wav file (but it depends of your music), so it is not necessary a better quality as 44100 that is already Cd quality.

2- Mp3 options:

mp3 menu

This probably the submenu with the greatest number of options.
Vbr means variable bitrate.
You have to be warned that all combination between bitrate and sample rate are NOT POSSIBLE, if you choose a bad combination (for exemple a bitrate of 320 with sample rate of 22 Khz) you'll get a void mp3 file !
Anyway such combination give bad audio (sample thing for a bitrate of 32, with a sample rate of 48 Khz: it produces a file but with an awful result)

To use tags, click on "Edit tags", this submenu contains the usual Mp3V1 tag settings.

3- Other submenus

The ogg submenu is shown below:

ogg submenu

There is no weird options here and i don't need it requires a special help.
Also Flac and audio monkey's submenu are clones of the wav submenu, so i don't explain more on this point.