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Have you ever wanted a universal message manager program?
If so, you have come to the right place. MultiError Pro is a utility for you. It is a professional FREEWARE message manager utility for making and managing every kind of messages. For example reminders, notifications, fake or prank errors and messages, alarms. It's also a very good timeplanner and timer. With this program it is very easy to generate fully customised messages. Read more

MultiError 1.05 - a simpler version of MultiError Pro.

27. October, 2004.
- The developement of MultiError Pro is officially closed! The plan I had in spring is now vanished - I just broke up programming.
13. March, 2004.
- Hello again! I wanted to say that I am alive:) I don't have time at the moment, but soon I will tell what is going on with this program and which are my plans. But one thing I can say now is that I don't like this program very much - because that was just an experiment while I was learning to program, now I can say that I am much better in programming - and I am planning to make a new one in another programming language. That program will not be orientated for generating fake errors but for making reminders and such things.
7. March, 2003.

MultiError Pro is now freeware for everybody, even for commerical users.

- It's the last year in school for me and I have to prepare for the final exams. I don't know when I get some time to improve this program. So please be patient.
2. January, 2003.

I added a simpler method to donate me in E-Gold. See more in the Contribute me section.

29. December, 2002.
- MultiError 1.06 is now up with a bug fix:
If to add only one message to the memory with the Add button and this is the only message in the memory and you don't add any more messages then it will be not shown after a restart.
27. December, 2002.
- I am working on a new major version of MultiError Pro. I hope it will be available in January.
The new version will have a new look and makes it easier to remind something.
23. November, 2002.
- MultiError 1.05 is now up! With the help of Jonathan Hills I have fixed all serious errors. Many thanks to him!
19. November, 2002.
- Sorry, but I still have to work on it. Please come back later.
18. November, 2002.
- NB! I have found the reasons of those errors! Please come back tomorrow evening.
12. November, 2002.

I have an important question: does MultiError Pro 1.04 work correctly on your computer? I have heard that on some computers it doesn't. Please vote and leave also your answers to the questbook. If it doesn't work correctly, please write what was wrong and how did it exactly happen.

In my computer nothing is wrong! Please help me! Thank you for advance!

9. November, 2002.

MultiError Pro 1.04 is now up! I hope that there are not any serious bugs any more, but if you find some please email me.

I am very sorry about those bugs and that you have had to download MultiError Pro so many times!

8. November, 2002.
- MultiError Pro 1.03 is now up! I fixed the bug that didn't allow to add a message date.
3. November, 2002.
- MultiError Pro is now FREEWARE for noncommerical use!
  Please contribute me. So I can keep working on this program! The info how to contribute me is in the Contribute me section.
- Please take part in the forum: How to improve MultiError Pro?
- MultiError 1.05 is still available. It is a simpler version of MultiError Pro. Click here
2. November, 2002.
- NB! I am working on making MultiError Pro FREEWARE! It takes some days, so be patient.
1. November, 2002.
- Look at the right: I added a poll and a guestbook. Please comment and vote!
3. October, 2002.
- MultiError Pro 1.01 is now up! It should now work in all Windows computers. I fixed many mistakes. Read more
28. September, 2002.
- MultiError Pro 1.0 is now up! Read more
21. September, 2002.
- You can now download Message Pack 1 that contains many funny messages you can load in MultiError or MultiError Pro.
- Updated the section MessageBoxes! It contains many funny really got messages.
- Added some new links to the Links page.

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