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Nadine Jansen is from Berlin, Germany, a country that has given the big bust Chloe Vevrier, Julia Miles, Michelle, Corrina, and most recently, Bettina aka Bettie Balhous. In fact, 20 year-old Nadine Jansen is a bud of Bettina's... Nadine Jansen's magnificent tits may very well be among the greatest naturals ever in history.

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Nadine Jansen is 5'3", weighs 128 pounds, and measures 42-29-38. She needs a-ready?-32E bra. It may turn out that Nadine Jansen may never show deep pink either. The fact is, who fucking cares? We don't. Examine the size of those super tits. They're natural, too, to the best of our knowledge. No breast man could ever tire of examining Nadine Jansen's chest in all their glory.
It seems like just yesterday that Nadine Jansen debuted in SCORE. Nadine Jansen was in her nature-girl, almost hippie-like phase, brand new to posing, not unlike Roberta Pedon. All Nadine Jansen needed was the head band... Since then, a flood of letters continued to pour in, of course, asking when Nadine Jansen will make her SCORE encore. Well, we're the first to admit that it's taken a while to get Nadine Jansen back, but we have, proving that persistence and perserverance usually pay off. And here she is, bigger, better, sexier than when we first were introduced to her. You'll remember that she didn't take her jeans off because she had scars on her thighs from a motorbike accident some years ago.
The past year, Nadine Jansen's had them corrected, which has given her the renewed confidence to show more of her luscious, outstanding body. These days, Nadine Jansen is also one of the most popular girls on German TV, appearing on numerous talk shows.

Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen
Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen
Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen

Bettie Ballhaus & Nadine Jansen video (avi)

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