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version 2.16
date: Dec 21, 2004
- fixed bug translate
version 2.15
date: Sep 28, 2004
- removed registration
version 2.14
date: May 31, 2003
- update search engines
version 2.13
date: Apr 10, 2003
- add 2 search engines

version 2.12
date: Nov 10, 2002

- 3 languages support
- add search engine
version 2.00
date: May 31, 2002
- New Design, etc
version 1.50b
date: Jan 25,2002
- Coming Soon: multy language Support
- Base Builder Option, etc
version 1.00a
date: Sep 18, 2001
- New Design, Base Builder Option, etc
- Coming Soon: French, Estonian language Support
Who wish help me - send mail to skyfox@isp.ee
version 0.95c
date: Mar 20, 2001
- Russian Language Support
version 0.95b
Feb 27, 2001
- Add Search Engines [Total 34 Search Engines]
- New option: Recognize browser
version 0.95a
Feb 14, 2001
- Add Search Engines [Total 31 Search Engines]
- New Design
- The Web Site of SkyFox Promotion got award:

version 0.90d
Feb 5, 2001
- Add Search Engines [Total 29 Search Engines]
- Multy submission [can be 8 connections]
softlist says: GOOD!
Jan 23, 2001
- The SkyFox Promotion got award:
SoftList says: GOOD!
version 0.90c
date: Jan 22, 2001
- Multy submission [can be 5 connections]
version 0.90b
date: Jan 16, 2001
- Add Search Engines [Total 27 Search Engines]
- Multy submission [can be 2 connections]
- Proxy Server support
- Bugs Fixed
project launch
date: Oct 17, 2000
- starting SkyFox promotion


The Internet is growing at an exponential rate, and with hundreds of millions of web pages on it the internet today, it is very easy for your site to get lost.

To navigate this mass of information, Search engines are used as a tool to help users find what they are looking for. Most Search engines will index your site for free, but they must know about it. To do this, you need to submit your site address (URL) to each one. 

There are thousands of Search engines and link directories on the internet today, and to submit your URL to each one manually would take of your time out. SkyFox Promotion can accomplish this same task in minutes.
SkyFox Promotion is an automated submission wizard for the promotion of Web Sites on the Internet. It can list an URL with hundreds of Search engines and Link directories within minutes.

SkyFox promotion features

1. Automated submission to hundreds of Search engines. The latest version of SkyFox Promotion has a database of over 20 Engines and Link Directories.

2. Automatic submission to the most appropriate category for each site. You need only select one category and SkyFox Promotion does the rest.

3. SkyFox Promotion can rank your URL on the major Search engines. This will tell you whether your URL has been indexed, and how well. Low ranking may mean you need to re-design your page and META tags.

4. Free upgrades. To keep your program up-to-date, an upgrade is released at least once a month. The upgrade is downloaded automatically from our server. In addition, an optional engine expansion pack is released every month and ads 10 new engines.

5. Engine Editor. SkyFox Promotion Engine Wizard will help you add new Search engines that are not on our list.

6. META tags generator. To help Search engines correctly index your site, SkyFox Promotion will create META tags which can be placed in the header of your web page.

Denis Zhadan
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