Our customers are satisfied with our products as we can guarantee stable range of colours, in manufacturing our products will not lose colour and we use high quality wool for production. Our 3 main products are:
  1. yarn
  2. carded wool
  3. pre-yarn
We produce different types of yarn:
  1. artistic yarn
  2. solid colour yarn
  3. natural yarn

Artistic yarn

Artistic yarn is many coloured yarn, which has smooth changeover of colours. We produce Artistic yarn with coarseness of 8/2, which suits well for knitting with machines, but weavers and people who crochet appreciate our yarn as well :)






Solid colour yarn

Solid colour and natural colour yarn we produce with coarseness of 8/2 as well as coarseness of 8/1 and 8/3.

Light pinkPink palePinkLight RedDark redRustyDark blueClear blueMedium blue

Light blueYellowLight greenDark greenLight lilaDark LilaBlackTurquoise



Natural colour yarn

Natural colour yarn is made of not coloured wool.

WhiteLight greyGreyDark greyBrown-black

We sell spooled yarn, if you’d like to buy it, please pre-order.



Carded wool

Our carded wool is praised by craftsmen as it felts up good. You can buy from us filling wool for pillows, toys etc and we produce filling for blankets (white, ~170x300 cm).




We produce pre-yarn the same colour shades as yarns- natural, solid colour and Artistic. Pre-yarn is thin, if you need it coarser, we can put many together :).


We have a little coarser Artistic pre-yarn. We can buy it only if you will visit our office.


If you’d like to have overview of our yarns and carded wool, we recommend you to buy colorsample, which will help you to find the best suitable colour of yarn and carded wool. And in future you can order requested colour by post from us.